Organization aims to convert all dairy farms into animal sanctuaries and teach dairy farmers to produce vegan milk

Refarm’d aims to turn all dairy farms into animal sanctuaries. According to Vegconomist, Refarm’d will begin by targeting regions that show the most interest in their concept, and convince farmers to shift into plant-based milk production. And at the same time, they’ll aim to convince them to turn their farms into animal sanctuaries for their animals to live out their days in.

In her interview with Vegconomist, Geraldine, the founder of Refarm’d, explains that she had wanted to build an animal sanctuary but resisted the idea as it did not seem scalable. She then had the realization that farms were the perfect locations for animal sanctuaries and that teaching farmers to produce plant-based milk could be a viable solution to helping them earn equal or even better wages.

While they’ll begin by training the farmers to produce plant-based milk, then intend to expand their program and train farmers to produce other products like plant-based yogurts and cheeses.

Read the full interview at Vegconomist and visit Refarm’d‘s website to find out more and join their movement! You can also sign up as ‘interested’ to help make this happen in your area!

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