Vegan Crypto Coin Supported By GoT Actor, Jerome Flynn

“VeganCoin is a digital currency to unite vegan consumers and businesses, creating the strongest vegan ecosystem.” – Vegan Nation

Jerome Flynn, the actor portraying “Bronn” on Game of Thrones, has joined Vegan Nation’s advisory team, alongside other vegan celebrities like Dr. Will Tuttle (Author of Word Peace Diet).

According to Vegan Nation, their ‘Vegan Coin’ is designed to “strengthen vegan trade, help cruelty-free businesses thrive, and empower the global vegan community.” The coin will be ‘traceable’, eventually allowing Vegan Nation to track and authenticate whether food and products on their marketplace platform are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

You’ll be able to use your ‘Vegan Coins’ to buy from vegan businesses and in doing so empower a growing vegan economy.


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