Encourage other activists – You may not know they need it

Animal rights activism communities continue to spread across the globe, and there now seem to be near endless ways of advocating in defense of animal rights.

In this article, I’ll discuss my personal favorite form of activism – Cubes of Truth – and how I believe it is to my own devotion to the movement, as well as that of my fellow vegans.


Whether you’re are one of the activists forming the cube, while holding screen or sign, or you’re on ‘outreach’, having interactions with passerby drawn to the cube, participation is a thrilling experience.

You break walls. You might feel stage fright, but you do it anyways. You promote the exchange of important insights.

It’s a cocktail of emotions: confidence, nervousness, adrenaline & empathy. Feeling the love of the vegan warriors beside you galvanizes your own sense of activism and reaffirms your need to stand up for trillions of innocent sentient beings slaughtered yearly.

Not only that, the experience urges you to remain in touch with your original exposure to veganism and the origins of your personal journey within the movement. Whether you began by viewing documentaries or otherwise discovered its benefits to the animals, witnessing the faces of passerby watching, often for the first time, the utter horror of innocent beings slaughtered without mercy, will force you to confront once more those inescapable and unthinkable truths that lit the fire and continues to fuels your activism.

No words can do justice to this experience.

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor
Cube of Truth – 04.07.2019 @ Lima, Perú

I believe most animal rights activists have experienced this sensation. And this may in fact be the proverbial glue that binds our community. We want to ignite in non-vegans the realization that where they spend their dollars has the realest of impacts on sentient beings around the world – and we want this realization to spark the fury that drove us to stand in this cube and remain confident in our need to speak up until every last animal is freed.

The truth of the matter is that our brains strive to self-preserve and will effectively prompt us to forget some of the atrocities that may we have witnessed and that are, for all intents and purposes, tantamount to trauma. With this forgetting, comes the dwindling of our fury. We’ve seen this phenomena this year with some so-called ‘vegan YouTubers’ abandoning veganism. While we can of course question if these individuals were truly vegan in the first place, it is nevertheless incumbent upon us to reaffirm our own commitment to activism, as well as that of others. We cannot act as silos; rather, we must encourage the vegan community to continue or begin their involvement in our massive transformative purpose: animal liberation.

They may not know it, it’s just a simple reminder.

Be the voice for the unheard! Live vegan and become an activist for love, compassion and peace for all living beings and our shared and dwindling home.

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